Aug 8, 2014

family is my love.

People are like memories; they fade in and out of our lives. They brush past us without a word, and all that they leave behind is distant image, like a footprint on the sand. But then you get the kind of people that stick to you like glue. They make you laugh, cry, smile and sometimes they even help you to live life to it's fullest. These people are precious, and you will only ever meet a few of them in your lifetime. Savor them.

For me, these kind of people are my family. The crazy, determined, and beautiful people that I have shared a home with for seventeen years. Various ages, and stages, yet we complete each other. Seriously, just look at us! We are one dang hot family!

My love is my family. The memories that we have made and are still to make together will never fade. My love = my treasure.

B r i o n y

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  1. Beautiful words and photos. I myself have four siblings, so family is something I'm learning to treasure.


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