Jul 15, 2014

blues iv

i. each phase of thought and every season of life must come to an end. Sometimes these endings come softly, while others end abruptly and without warning. I'm experiences one of those abrupt, 'door-slammed-in-your-face' endings.

ii. when i was little, i would often dream of 'growing up'. Doesn't every child? We dream of independence, complete happiness, a car of our own, and the ability to go to McDonalds for breakfast every morning! However, this fairy tale story that we spin as children quickly receives a reality check. McDonald's becomes cheap and unfashionable. Cars are really expensive. Independence is kind of scary, and 'complete happiness'...well, that's a choice.

iii. i'm really going to miss the 'july holiday productions'. I've been a part of them for four years now. I've made so many life-long friends and learnt so much; it hurts that i have to leave.

iv. the tears were real that night. A soon as the giant, red curtain touched the black, dusty stage...i couldn't hold them in any longer. Goodbye audience! Hello hot, salty waterfall! However, it was a relief to cry. To let go of all that raw emotion that I had been hiding for two weeks. It was a bittersweet experience.

v. With every ending there comes a new beginning. Maybe i'll try something new? Maybe i'll get my hair cut short, or start my own business? Maybe i'll travel the world or simply ride my bike everywhere that i can? The possibilities are endless! So here is to fresh starts and new beginnings; may they each be unique, amazing, and totally beautiful!

B r i o n y


  1. "Amen!" to i, ii, and v. And lovely images, btdubs. :)

  2. I adore your photos!! :)



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