Mar 6, 2014

caught up.

 My room is cluttered with dirty dishes, books, and scribbled paper. My thoughts are even more cluttered. Writing becomes difficult without the proper inspiration and I feel as if I am clutching frantically at creativity without any avail. I look towards the unsullied mountains and the cracked earth for motivation. The wind stirs up my soul and the first cool scent of autumn hangs on the breeze like a kite. But still nothing. I am too caught up in life. My tangled thoughts aren't allowing the inspiration to flow.

However, being caught up in life isn't all that bad. I can look into the shining face of my little sister and find peace. I can laugh from the pit of my belly at my brother's jokes and find comfort. I can seek new horizons by opening up a history book and I can regenerate with nothing but the quiet country land stretched out before me.  Motivation and inspiration will come soon enough. In the mean time, while I am waiting for the fog to clear, I will relish these moments of being 'caught up' in my blessed, beautiful life.

B r i o n y


  1. Anonymous8.3.14

    oh dear, this is beautiful. I couldn't have described how I've been feeling lately in my own life better than you did with these words! and I just love these photos so much. they make me smile and think of summer <3
    - Gabi

  2. I love the motion of these image can convey so much.
    Wow. Lovely my friend. <3

  3. this is lovely, wow. i love how you seem determined to embrace all the little moments in life that's a huge quality. + your blog design is so cool, did you do it yourself? xx

  4. Lovely photos!! :)

  5. love love love. so much pretty.



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