Feb 21, 2014


Today is the day for saying yes to that extra slice of cake. For blowing the steam from your coffee till it's mists lingers on the window. For smelling the rain on the concrete. For wearing that dress. For reading musty books with dog-eared pages. For talking till your tongue aches. For smiling till your cheeks split. For ignoring the reflections in the mirror. For seeing the beauty that lies behind the glass. For sitting. For standing. For licking the foam from your coffee cup. For pretending not to notice the peanut butter stained on your shirt. For getting earth under your nails and sun on your skin. For living. For breathing. For regenerating.

For being alive.

   B r i o n y



  1. i love everything about it. everything. as i read this, i'm holding my cup of coffee. that gives me extra smiles :)

  2. Thank you this is actually perfection in a post

  3. this is pure beauty... <3 thank you for this, a much needed reminder!

  4. this is so lovely - wow. here's to being alive, definitely. i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog:)


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