Dec 15, 2013

+ child again at Christmas-time +

Christmas always brings a certain bittersweet nostalgia for me; memories of Christmases past and trying desperately to re-create the same magic again. This year, it hurts a little more. I can't help but think about how many more Christmases we have left together as a family. One day, maybe sooner then one might first imagine, we'll be all grown-up and Christmas will be 'grown-up' too. There may not be any mystery surrounding the stockings left in the living-room anymore, and there may be no new spiderman toys and legos littering the floor around our feet. Perhaps all those mundane and normal things will slip into what we affectionately call 'Christmas past'. But me? I will always feel like a child again at Christmas-time.

- B r i o n y


  1. Words cannot describe how much I love this. <3

  2. Anonymous20.12.13

    this is beyond beautiful, Briony <33 (and true...) I have to remember more often to feel like a child again at Christmas time. xoxox

  3. this is gorgeous, thanks so much for this post.

  4. Lovely post! I enjoyed it! :) Please comment back.
    Grace xxx ♥


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