Nov 4, 2013

streets of purple flame.

Now days I catch the bus home from work. It takes it's usual route though the winding roads and cluttered shopping outlets, and on weekends it briefly pauses for a breath in the hospital car park. In November, there is one particular tree that blossoms in the muggy heat and it produces the loveliest purple flowers; the jacaranda tree (or better known in our family as 'the Laura tree.') When I take the bus home and it drives throughout the town, I see streets covered with these purple flowers. There is no asphalt to be seen, just an endless stretch of purple carpet, dappled here and there with sunlight peaking through the trees themselves. All these streets at any other time of the year would go by unnoticed, but in November, and only in November, are they known to me as 'the streets of purple flame.'

- B r i o n y


  1. Jacarandas...
    beautiful. <3

  2. i love how you describe it :)


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