Oct 15, 2013

these days and nights.

The past week or two has consisted of days and nights; awake, asleep, and life in between. Warm weather, hurricane winds, impromptu thunder storms, and bare feet running on dry grass until they hurt. A learning curve has been thrown in the mix too; learning to be a better us.

Books are everywhere. Piled up by bedsides, stuffed on book shelves, even collecting dust by the microwave! Mostly history books that I have to read. But instead I absorb myself in the pages of 'Little Dorrit' by Charles Dickens. and 'When comes Hope' by Janette Oke.

I am liking Doctor Who. Very much. I catch myself quoting, thinking and speaking *doctor language*. It is a bad habit; don't watch Doctor Who!

It is 5:59 pm and chocolate brownies have just come out of the oven, steaming and hot. I love the fact that even though it is dinner time, we still put aside daily chores just to bake something that we can enjoy together! Makes the eating part all the more enjoyable, I think.

The crickets are beginning to chirp now. Not something you'd expect to be sad and lonesome, but it is. Creates a whimsical atmosphere, almost like their melancholy song is greeting the stars as they fade into view.


B r i o n y


  1. Just lovely Bri. Tell your brother I saw him this weekend, at Cressbrooke..

  2. Haha, DW is catching to me too!
    Beautiful post. xo

  3. I'm waiting on the library for a copy of Little Dorrit. How are you finding it?

  4. Anonymous19.10.13

    this is so beautifully written dear. I almost smelled those brownies in the air, for real! and the pictures are so lovely too xoxo
    - Gabi


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