Oct 29, 2013

nostalgia for normal.

just a few pictures of my life lately; new bikes, warm days spent searching for the perfect pine cone, drinking lot 'so hot chocolate, cuddles with our dog, and reading by the open windows.

I miss being here. Home and comfortable and close with my family. All my life these precious moments have been taken for granted; waking up on a Monday morning and being greeted with the daunting prospect of an entire week full of school, writing out my daily list and slowly ticking it off, baking for fun, watching hours of 'Get Smart' with my family and laughing till our sides hurt, playing with my brothers and sisters, and just being at home. Being myself...living in normality; I miss that.

Since I started my new job, all this has changed. I am often consumed in getting ready for work, and even when I come home, I don't stop; my mind is still racing and my thoughts glance back over my day continually. The restful days at home spent with my family are now looked forward too. I think of my week and I await with anticipation the days that are normal. I don't respond very well to change.

I think that perhaps I thought that lifestyle change comes silently and slowly, with full warning as to the results...but it doesn't. It smacks you full in the face and demands that you jump right up and fight the challenges ahead...even before you are truly ready.

I have a nostalgia for normal.

B r i o n y


  1. This is sweet, like I can taste it in the back of my mouth. Poignant and sweet.

  2. Hey gorgeous cousin! Wow! You pretty much just summed up everything I have been feeling in my turmoil of emotions lately! You are so right ~ work is so consuming and even on my days off I feel like I can't stop to breathe. I miss you and your clan so much! It was just so lovely to spend time with you while you were holidaying down here! I miss everything from our late night chats in bed to our crazy cludeo-in-the-house parties! It was so nice to hold life on pause while you were here and just relax and spend time with you. I know you are finding things hard with work at times...and this sounds almost quite selfish but, as you know, I have been going through similar circumstances as you and it helped me so much just to hear what you had to say about work and have someone listen to my troubles as well. I hope things are looking brighter for you now! Miss you all lots! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo! "kneecaps! Noses!"


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