Sep 7, 2013

the 'me' list.

. I  like cappuccinos and caramel lattes.
. my hair is long, dead, brown, and frizzy.
. I constantly struggle to find inspiration.
. I am still searching for the missing puzzle piece to this blog.
. I am really skinny and I hate it.
. my name is unique & beautiful,  and i love it.
. this morning i spontaneously painted my toe-nails hot pink.
. I like tea but only on occasion.
. living can be hard but worth it.
. I have a different sort of personality, one with creativity, spontaneity and maybe even a little dash of bravado.
. I like to be graceful, but I rarely ever am.
. I like to dream.
. I am beautiful....
. I can never find good endings.

b r i o n y


  1. So, so beautiful...loved this! <3

  2. Love this, Briony!

  3. Lo-ver-ly Briony! You are beautiful inside and out. This is so much like you.
    Love you,


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