Sep 30, 2013

colours are the same...

Colours are the same as a person 
yelling to loud, saying too many things,
and not half of it gets heard.  
However, monochrome is the person
 that doesn't shout, he says less, and more gets heard.

Change comes silently. I still feel twelve years old; young, small, and oblivious to reality. But I guess age doesn't come with a feeling, it comes with growth. Maybe we are all just children trying very hard to be adults? 

I turned sixteen a week ago. I had a lovely day; great presents, spoilt by my family and friends, even a party. It was all very me; Something a little different yet very much the same.

The nicest part of my day was when a friend of mine suggested that each party guest take a turn saying their favourite things about me. I didn't expect such an out pour of friendship and love! What each person said was precious, funny, touching,  and even comforting. I felt like my heart would burst! I still look back and think over what they said, wondering how in the world they could have been describing me, of all people! They really touched my heart, and even tickled my funny bone in the process! That memory is what made my sixteenth birthday awesome. Thank you.

So, here is too yet another year of change, growth, and me finding out who i really am. ☺

- B r i o n y

I guess we do pretend to be mature, even when our eyes have seen pain and grief has touched our paths. It's how we deal with the world and all it's little quirks. But if i were to have any say at all, i would say that people  either bend with change or break with it. I guess that is what defines us in the end; Our ability to remain strong, even though we are hopelessly flawed. 


  1. My sister is a stunner, just sayin'. :)

  2. So, so was such a nice idea to say what we liked about you at the party, I'm glad you felt so blessed and happy by it! :) xo

  3. Mmmm. . .calming and comforting as usual, Briony. What a glorious, winsome post.


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