Sep 20, 2013


Yesterday, i saw a lady sitting quietly a snug corner of the coffee shop where i work. she sat sipping her tea and waiting patiently for her lunch. Then as I walked by, she picked up a book. Yellowed pages, musty smell, and ripped cover. She began to read. I smiled as I watched her from the counter, she didn't even look up when her meal was brought to her. She was so engrossed in her book; a brand new adventure to follow. 

Tomorrow I am turning sixteen, my new adventure. I am looking forward to it, ready to meet the world of driving, new independence, longer working hours, and more responsibility. However, I still don't feel as sixteen ought to; i feel like a twelve year old, covered in pimples, insecure, and so not ready to grow up. But isn't this what life is about; meeting new challenges even if you feel small? 

When that lady had finished her meal, she sat there for another hour, still reading and slowly turning the dog-eared pages. When she finally left i saw her put the book in her bag and close it with regret. But the adventure wasn't over yet, i imagined her going to the library, or an old book store and finding a new book;  a brand new adventure to follow. 

B r i o n y


  1. Somehow, I can smell that book and see that lady sitting there with a rapt expression on her face. You have such a gift for words. x

  2. Wow, I love this! And I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow! :)

  3. Oh goodness, your words have me...I can imagine everything, I'm almost there.
    And you're SIXTEEN excited for the party. :) xo

    1. Thank you girls, for your kind words! :)

      @Holly: Yes so i am! We are so busy getting ready. ;)

  4. these words + you = perfection. i love you sweet 16 girl. :)


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