Aug 12, 2013


beauty in motion. rushed, quick, unsteady on it's feet but none-the-less special.

In the place where I live the wind meets the brown grass in untidy strokes, the lounge room floor is covered in Lego, I burn the dinner, things get messy, and each day, life grows and swells...full of motion.

living life fully where I am right now is important and noticing the beauty in the motion is important also.

beauty in motion...even when life gets messy.

||  a u g u s t   1 2 t h


  1. that looks familiar! Lovely post Briony :).

    1. Yes Annie you are an inspiration...but I've actually wanted to write this post for a long time...I just couldn't find the right words. :)

    2. Well it's one of my favourites that you have done. The words you choose are so beautiful, just like you. xx

    3. thank you m'dear! :) you have a writing skill as well.

  2. Love that first shot. And your words too. I forget that there are many different definitions of beauty.


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