Jul 20, 2013


Lazy weekend nothingness. nothing but hot tea, left-overs for lunch and quiet rain falling on the tin roof.

Today, sleepy smiles have been present on all of our faces and sometimes we sigh just because today has been nice.

Signs of creative mess are seen all over the living room floor, but no one seems to mind. little boys don their coats and grab their binoculars to go bird watching, little girls snuggle up on the couch and read, and the rest of us slowly sip our tea for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Today has been the kind of day when i stay in my pyjamas until eleven in the morning. the kind of day that happens by itself with no immediate plans at all. the kind of day that rolls along without any rush and presents itself to us to be enjoyed.

happy saturday.

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  1. Your little snippets of writing you share on this blog, about the small, everyday things in life, always get me the most.
    I like them, I like this, I like you. :)


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