Jul 26, 2013

good morning earth.

The sunlight peaks through the curtains
 as the clouds begin to form. I awake groggy
and bleary eyed as the distant sounds of a new born
morning greet me in a gentle hush.

The bed is warm and cosy; I do not want to move.
but there is a light beginning to stir inside of me;
get up! it screams...a new day awaits you!

The ache of mornings past are now forgotten,
yesterday's troubles are blurred. I feel afresh
with a new vigour and delight; Give me happiness...
give me days overflowing with the earth's riches!

I see the world through new eyes...I appreciate what
I didn't before. See me laugh louder, see me smile
stronger...watch me stand

Do you hear it whisper?
Can you see it sore?
Watch this earth blossom.
Bleary eyed I am no more.

good morning earth.

-B r i o n y


  1. Just perfectly beautiful and true.

  2. So beautiful Briony! You have a gift with shaping words into a lovely rhythm, as you do with your singing voice! :) Glad you're feeling better today. ;)


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