Jul 13, 2013

blues iii

i. it is sad to see loved ones leave. once they're gone, i realize the hole that they filled; a hole that I never knew was there before.

ii. As I've journeyed throughout my day, I keep catching myself looking back nostalgically on the times that we spent together; enjoying each others' company while sipping chai lattes and hot chocolates in a warm cafĂ© nook. we did that only yesterday...it feels far more distant then that.

iii. as your bus pulled out of the station i teared up a little. elyssa didn't...she smiled and waved like anything! ☺ but later on she kept saying "i miss nana".

iv. i keep thinking of the things that we forgot to do together, of all the sights we didn't show you. time goes too fast...

v. still, i'm happy of the time that we did spend together and all the adventures that we had! the long trek up the steep mountain trail, the drawn out yet fun shopping trips, sighting the white tailed fox in the paddock, the laughter around the dinner table as we ate our evening meal. All these things and more!

vi. i guess what i am trying to say is, i miss you.



  1. This is perfect! Just what I'm feeling. :) Thanks.

  2. Beautiful words. You have a knack for these 'blues' as you call it, Bri! :)


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