Jul 10, 2013


I take peril of the common way-
No frightful height nor sounding depth for me!
A man grows great only as far as he
Is ordinary - living out his day.
Ode in Happiness - Furnley Maurice.

I woke today feeling pleased with the world, my mind buzzing with ideas! I made a mental list of my day...I planned pieces here and there and the rest I just left to happen by its self.

i. Play a card game,

ii. drink tea and coffee,

iii. go to masters to browse,

iv. savour every moment,

v. live a little,

vi. don't miss anything.

vii. fulfil all of these (especially the sixth one)


This year I have found it much easier to come down from my 'july-holidays-high.' Instead of colliding with the ground, I have merely floated gently down and hopped off cloud nine with ease. I don't know why this year is so different...perhaps I'll hit the ground later once school studies smack me in the face. But right now, I'm enjoying the easy sailing without the rough weather.

Right now, I'm enjoying my first and only cup of coffee for the day and then I'm going to try to fulfil everything on my list.

Be happy,


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