Jun 20, 2013

blues ii

i. i feel happier today. life is looking up despite my snuffly nose and congested head. i have chosen to look upon the good things about today and be thankful for them.

ii. I love my dad. he called me up before to tell me that he loves me. to have someone take the time to call you just because is beautiful. there is nothing more precious then that. I am still smiling from the memory of it.

iii. don't you just love to cuddle a hot cuppa to your cheek? a white porcelain mug, still steaming hot from the tea inside...oh heavenly! I have found that a good, hot cup'o jo is enjoyed even more thoroughly when drunk with plenty of cuddles. :)

iv. anticipation. it's a feeling that i don't often experience, but today? Mm, yes, I can feel it swelling in the pit of my gut. Next week, rehearsals are beginning for the musical and on wednesday i'll be seeing my nana for the first time in three years!

v. always this time of year comes with a bittersweet taste. the bitterness being the colds, sickness, and the chill in the air, and the sweetness being family visits, musical performances, wool knitted jumpers, chai tea, and hot, slow-cooked meals. after weighing the two up, i think that i can safely say that this time of year is season that needs to be treasured.



  1. Lovely Briony! How special your Dad rang you up, and I know what you mean with having a steaming mug of tea at your cheek, especially when you're sick and cold! And I really hope the musical rehearsals go well,wish I could see it!

  2. So beautiful! The photography is just so amazing! :) It sums up what I am also feeling today too.
    Love you,


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