Jun 18, 2013

blues i

i. today has been a different day. I have been bed ridden with a slight sore throat and ear-ache. what is my plan of attack? I spend an awfully long time watching movies and reading books. pretty much anything that will help me to ignore the pain in my head.

ii. books are beautiful. they take me away from my sick body and brighten up my thoughts.

iii. it is amazing how much time i get to think when i am all alone in my room. i ponder, i muse, and i dream about anything and nothing in particular.

iv. mothers are angels. seriously. i have never been more thankful for my mother today. i wish i could speak so i could tell her so.

v. i have discovered that being sick allows me more screen time.

vi. (to be honest, i don't think my parents entirely agree on that.)

vii. i miss my family. i can hear them but i can't be a part of them. it makes me see how much i take  for granted.

                                                   (i apologize for how scatter-brain this post may seem,  but sometimes i need to just be me)


  1. I liked reading this...and I hope you get well soon.
    It was nice seeing you watching the plays on Sunday afternoon, even though you were sick and had to leave straight after! :)

  2. lovely post. Get well soon, dear. x

  3. So honest and raw, sometimes it good to write like that. Thank you sister! :)


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