Mar 21, 2013

the everyday.

My everyday. The seemingly unimportant moments that are the very bulk of life.

When I'm in company with friends, I put on a smile; a mask. My life looks wonderful, but somewhere hidden between the cracks of fantasy lies my reality. I have days when I feel low, disappointed, teary, unhappy and downcast. Its normal. Its honest. It happens everyday.

Today I felt a little downcast. My heart wasn't as light as it could be, my feet felt a little heavier, and my life looked dull. So, I took pictures. I looked at life through my lens and it was there that I found a small glimmer of beauty. It was okay.

the everyday is beautiful when we take on a new can be made to last. :)


  1. Love this beautiful encouraging post, because I desperately needed this at the moment with my life!!
    Beautiful b&w photography, I was sorry to miss seeing you on Saturday! :(

  2. This is beautiful.


thank you for just made my day!