Mar 17, 2013

quotes by confucius // a journey

I started out with one destanation; success. My journey quickly began to progress as my mind jumped  from idea to the next. I tried so many things, I sought to find out what blogging really means to me. In a sense, this blog is a dirty window into my heart. You can only see slight movements, fleeting shadows and blurry images of my world; the dirt is blocking your view. And although I don't want to bear my entire soul on the internet, sometimes it is difficult to be myself here and have my own voice when I all write about is the *good bits*. 

I have watched as one blog author after another found a place of contentment in her own space and I began to wonder why I can't do the same thing. With everything from design, to photography, to writing style I began to piece together my own *brand* as they call it. It is tough. It takes a long time. It is worth it.

So, here I give you a piece of me, this place is my work, my ideas, and my heart. No more dirty window.


                   “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step” -Confucius

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