Feb 21, 2013

this little adventure.

One month ago, I wrote about the joys of summer. The seemingly endless sunny days, the countless weekend trips to the local pool, the sticky warmth and the cold ice cream for dessert. All of this has changed dramatically! The hot, muggy, days have been traded in for freezing cold nights and grey and rainy skies. The warm sting of summer bids me farewell as the leaves are already turning gold and red. Little by little, Autumn is once again making it's way into the world and into my heart.

Life has been busy, wonderful, hectic, rich and full. Miss E.R is trying out her hand at photography (I am so proud!), the wonderful scent of homemade sour dough bread has been wafting through the house, and my youth group commitments have piled up! Although life is up and down, there is always a silver lining...or two. ;)

Life is a little adventure, like a fairy tale. They all have their dragons, but keep on believing for a happily ever after!

Have a great one!


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  1. Your photography is so good, but I've already told you that countless times!! I love the ones of Miss E.R! ;)


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