Dec 22, 2012

christmas adventures with cookies, lights and more fun!

Sugar has been my diet lately. Sugar in the forms of icing, ginger bread dough, and chocolate. Mix that together with staying up late and waking up early it spells emotional-mess-on-a-sugar-overload! Despite my routine being a little out of the ordinary, the Christmas excitement continues to whirl around in my belly as each new hour brings me one step closer to Christmas day.

Our kitchen has been graced with the delicious smells of ginger bread cookies, rocky-road, rum balls and the occasional piece of Christmas short bread. Last night with our bellies full of all these Christmas goodies, we ventured out to the park to enjoy the beautiful display of lights.

Right now at home, with our own Christmas tree shining in all it's rainbow glory and the Christmas carols blaring from the stereo, I think that I can safely say that Christmas is defiantly under way!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Lovely post, Briony. :) Sounds a lot like my sleeping schedule too! I've been eating waaaay to many chocolates lately, but so worth it! ;D

    Take care, and a happy early Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Beautiful photos, Bri!
    Christmas time is just so magical :)
    And I love your new design and name, just so beautiful!

    1. Thank you friends! You both enjoy your Christmas!


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