Nov 2, 2012

wistful thoughts.

I wake up. Rays of gentle sunshine dance across my floor and the sounds of the day greet me in full throttle. My father's deep voices drifts down the hall way and the click, snap of the cereal box is heard from the kitchen as my little brother gets his breakfast. I roll over in a sleepy fashion, my long, brown, arms swinging over the bed as I squeeze my eyes shut in protest against the bright morning sun. My little sister's excited squeals soon have me wide eyed and awake as she calls out loudly that we all must get up. I hide my head under my pillow wishing I could catch a few extra winks of sleep. My younger brothers and sisters all look at me strangely as I lumber out of bed at 8:30 in the morning still groggy with sleep in my eyes, while they have been up for hours. I have become the typical lazy teenager, something I was so adamant that I would never become. The only excuse I have in my defence is that one day all my younger siblings will find themselves in the same boat.


The crickets chirp happily in the trees and Christmas beetles buzz lazily around the light. The outdoor table is set with strawberry scented candles and (fake) pink flowers generously donated for occasion by yours truly. ;) The mouth-watering smells of pan fried salmon and Indian spices waft slowly out the door. The table is laden with Mediterranean salad, rice, cucumbers and the caramel cheesecake for dessert. With our plates piled high we celebrate the third birthday of the week. This one belongs to Laura who is turning thirteen today. Her special night was graced with laughter, smiles and family all woven together to create a memory that won't easily be forgotten. Happy Birthday Izzy!


My little brother (Mr.E) slowly tells me a story about his day. He nervously twirls the string on his shirt as he relays a funny story regarding his play time outside with his older brother. When he reaches the end of his story his eyes light up with laughter, laughter that makes me smile as I shoot him a friendly wink and give him a quick hug. The only thing I can conclude from this is that I am truly blessed with family. Even on the days when our arguments reign supreme or when I feel down and misunderstood, I am still blessed.



  1. I love that feeling- the feeling of just "blessed". Nothing else matters, because you're just so blessed. Yes, I love this.

  2. Ohh, I'm just swooning over these shots, Bri!
    And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Laura...she can now officially join the world of us teenagers! :P

    1. thanks holly. lovely shots Briony! :)

  3. I think that we must have some sort of secret think-a-like trait in our blood, everything you wrote in this post expresses the way I feel to a T!! I used to be so obstinate that I would make myself promise that I would never drift into the lazy, sleepy head stage of teenagers...and now sleep is pretty much the the most addictive thing in my life at the moment...I know - sad right?

    I love the always stun me with your creativity every time I sneak a peek at your blog! And as for feeling blessed about family I just want you to know that I am so blessed to be related to you! How I wish that we all lived closer together....I miss you and your smile!!

    lots o love and kisses,

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura!! x


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