Nov 18, 2012


Wanderlust. A strong desire or feeling to travel to places and explore. To experience the unknown or to simply just travel to a place that fills your lungs with fresh air and recharges your spirit.

Tomorrow my wanderlust is being fulfilled. Soon I will be breathing in the clean salt air and feeling the hot sand between my toes. I can almost hear the sound of the waves crashing against the black rocks and the cries of the sea gulls above the ocean. True, my wanderlust doesn't stretch very far. At the moment it only reaches the white brick house that sits by the seaside. But that white brick house with it's rickety balconies and oak stair case, is my favourite place in the world!

I will be leaving this little blog alone for now. It will take care of itself, and I must be honest when I say that I am not going to miss it. Right now all I want to do is to smell the salt in the air on a muggy day and to canon ball into that cool, azure ocean. I will be seeing you again when I have little grains of sand in my hair and my skin is as brown as a berry!

-Briony xoxo


  1. Hi Briony, hope you enjoy your wanderlust. I will miss you. Hope I will be able to see you again soon. Rebecca.

  2. Hey Briony i LOVE THE POST

    also your header, well the title is spelt incorrectly it is spelt conrsilk :(

    1. Hey friend! Thank you!

      Yes, I realized my mistake about ten minutes ago and am in the process of changing it.


  3. Have a wonderful time...will miss you heaps, Bri!

  4. Oh myyyy, that view in the second to last photo!! That's beautiful!!


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