Oct 4, 2012


I had a feeling in my gut today, the feeling I get when I really, really want to write. I don't have any new or vaguely interesting photographs, just me. This post is most likely going to turn out very raw and brimming with honesty so be prepared.

So much have commenced since I last posted. I had my birthday, went on a youth camp, dressed up for a party, hung out with some friends and even more awesome, I got a touch from God.

Some people find it tricky to talk about God over the internet and I don't blame them. All the bullies out there make it difficult to be open about our beliefs. However I think it is good, healthy even to be open about our beliefs so that is why I am sharing mine.

Every year my church hosts a youth camp. We travel by bus to the Sunny Coast to enjoy three fun-filled days full of crazy activities and games. Every night a guest speaker comes and shares and we all get into to praise and worship by jumping around and singing way off key! On the last night of youth camp, the pastor shared a truly powerful message on having encounters with God. He began to pray for people by laying his hands on them. We didn't see a blinding light, nor did we hear a booming voice but we could all feel the power of God in the room. My heart began to beat wildly and my legs began to shake. I could feel a pool of fire burning in my belly and happiness shining brightly in my heart! Then the pastor laid his hands on me and I began to cry. Hot tears flowed like a water fall down my cheeks and I could feel an incredible sense of peace rest on my heart. Such feelings can be dubbed nothing but supernatural. People around me were laughing, crying and lying on the ground just drinking in God's amazing love. I can't explain what happened next, it was so beautiful and powerful that I am lost for words. All I can say is, God seemed to call  my name. He showed me that I was born to be a leader and that he was going to use me to guide others to him, I could feel this in my gut. That's when I knew I needed to get up and pray for others in the room. I prayed for three people, all of which God touched, one girl even fell to the floor! It was so amazing and special to be used by God like that.

You may think this is nuts and crazy and totally unbelievable and I understand those thoughts. Yes, it is pretty crazy but if people lives were changed for the better that night how can you call it unbelievable?

This was just a quick update on one particular part of my life and it is definitely the most important one. I will be back with a slightly more normal post soon but for now, goodbye and have a great weekend!

-Briony xo


  1. Hello Brioney

    I was so much encouraged by this post, It is so good to hear about your relationship with God, because nothing on earth can compare to the amazing wonders of his love.

    Thank you for posting this Bri, it really blessed me.

    Love a sister in Christ,

    Lauren xo

  2. That is so amazing what God can do and has done to you! I loved this post!

  3. Oh my goodness. Briony. I loved this. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing this with us all!!!! I can not tell you how amazed, touched and awed I was by what I have just read. It's incredibly, Briony. Really. God has so many things planned in store for you, and yes, He is going to do amazing through you to bring people to God. I can feel it.


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