Oct 24, 2012

this is laura: A spontanious photo shoot

This was supposed to be her 'nerdy' look....right.

This chick is my sister. Her eyes are big and brown, she has five adorable freckles on her nose, her hair goes curly in wet weather and her laughter is truly infectious!

Laura got a pair of glasses yesterday. They have pink lenses and they came in a purple case. A few weeks ago Laura began experiencing blurriness, dizziness and eye-strain. She went to the optometrist to have her eyes checked last week and the tests came back stating that she is long sighted, mainly in her left eye. The doctor recommended glasses specially for reading and computer purposes only, however Laura is finding it very difficult not to wear her glasses everywhere! Yesterday she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror, every time she caught her reflection somewhere a hint of a smile would play upon her lips and she would turn her head from side to side, surveying her new look.

Laura has an amazing personality and I really think everyone needs a little bit o' laura in their lives.



  1. Amen! We all need a splash of Laura in our lives to brighten them up!! Love her glasses - now we are twins, next time we get together we will have to have a photo with the specs on!! Awesome pictures Briony.....as always!....you are soooo talented with a camera!

    lots o love,
    couzie chloe

  2. ahh, love this post. beautiful photos of laura, briony! gosh, she looks so chic in those glasses, i knew she would :)
    can't wait to see her in them at co-op...i love that girl! ♥

  3. Awwwwwww! You gals are makin' me blush!!

    1. lol...like we should be!! :P

  4. You girls are sooooo sweet!!! Thank you heaps for all the lovely compliments!! *Blushing*

    I LOVE my new reading glasses!!! Now I am reading more often so I can use the glasses! hahaha
    I love the tones of the photos Briony!! You are a great portrait photographer! :)

    Thanks Briony! It was a fun photo shoot...I was so excited to the point when I went Craazzy!!


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