Oct 12, 2012


If blessings come in the shape of little girls then this one is no exception. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of a small child wrapped snuggly under the crook of your arm, face pressed tightly against your chest. The way she breaths at night when she is asleep and how I can't stop myself from tip-toeing over to stroke  away the sweaty curls from her clammy face. When all goes quiet in the house and you just know that she is up to some mischief! The look on her face when I catch her eating the last chocolate biscuit behind the sofa and how her small "sorry" melts my heart like butter. How profound her walk is and how her little bum wiggles when she runs! Her copy-cat ways and absurd stories at the dinner table. There are only a few beautiful sounds in the world and nothing is quite as precious and hearing her laugh!

She has changed my heart for the better. I love you Lissa-Rose-Petal!

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  1. She is so cute!! I love her so much!!! You wrote that so perfectly....it just sums up what is awesome about her! Down to the funny elephant stories at the table! :)


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