Sep 1, 2012


This two week break has been good for me. To live and revive myself and to take in something other then endless blog posts and updates. Just to breath and become inspired by objects and events around me, it always has me coming back ready for more!

It is Spring now, the weather is noticeably warmer and the days longer. It feels like Winter has come and gone in the blink of an eye and it makes me realise how fast life speeds along and how little time we have left to enjoy it.

Now that the warmer seasons are upon us, there are the simple pleasures that we can only experience in the summer, dug up, fresh and new to us all! Weekly trips to the Sunday farmers' market browsing through each rustic stall, the warm sting of the sunshine on my back, long bike rides on which I stop to pick the masses of yellow daisies growing by the side of the road, the games of backyard cricket played in the sunshine, working up a sweat running back and forth to each wicket. Just a few of the small enjoyments
we often tend to forget over Winter, I suppose that is why each new season is an exciting and new adventure to us all!

Feeling at home in my own skin and at peace with myself  is when I am truly happy, warmer seasons seem to bring this to me. It often is something I tend to lose through the colder months, the happiness of accepting myself. In Spring and Summer, it is almost like a little voice reaches up inside of me and tugs on my heart strings. "Hey, its okay, this is a new opportunity to shine and be yourself."  So cliche perhaps,
but this is how I feel. I feel ready to embrace the world, hold onto my beliefs and stand tall. So keep on tugging little voice, I'm home.



  1. Wow. That rainbowness in the last shot is amazing! Glad you had a good two weeks off.

    Anna x

  2. oh so beautiful those shots!!! i can't wait to see what spring and summer holds for us! :)


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