Sep 15, 2012


The weather here has been truly fantastic, the kind of utopia you only read about in books. A slight breeze, golden sunshine, and the distinct smell of rain and dried grass wafting through the air! I step outside and take a deep breath that sparks a small feeling of excitement within me. Maybe it is the promise of a sweltering summer that makes me shiver with expectance and delight? I don't know, but there is something about spring that makes you want to wake up!

I love these kind of posts, the ones with a jumble of random pictures all woven together to tell a story. Since I am a story teller, I am always look for something to capture that shows the reader a small peek into my life.

It is my birthday next week. I always get a strange feeling when my birthday is close. It hits me in the heart how fast my life is speeding along. I am no longer ten years old on the verge of girlhood, I am entering my mid teens and life is chugging along much faster then I expected I would. I feel like I am not ready to grow up. Sometimes, it feels like I am a twelve year old trapped in a fifteen year old's body. It is a weird feeling I know, but soon my school years will be over and I'll be on my own. Isn't funny how we all spend our lives wishing that we could grow up faster? Then when that moment arrives, you wish you had embraced and clung on to childhood a little longer.

The saying 'live, laugh, love' is really all that we need to enjoy our lives, that and Jesus. Happy September all!


  1. The photos were beautiful! :) and is that a photo of you with the camera? So pretty! <3


    1. Thank you Bleah!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful post Bri!! I love the first five photos - they are outstanding!! And I love what you have to say on the subject of growing up - it is all so true and I often feel the same way about knowing that you are a 15 year old girl but at the same time you feel as though you just turned 12!! Its good to know that someone else understands that feeling!
    Also I am planning to send off your birthday card tomorrow, but in case it doesn't arrive in time for your birthday I just wanted to let you know that we all love you and wish that we could be there to help you celebrate and finish off the cake!! It will be just super to share the same age as you...though I don't think that it will really make much difference!!
    Thanks for the comment that you left on my blog!
    Love you tons,
    P.S. Missing you lots! xox

    1. Thank you so much Chloe! I can't wait for my birthday tomorrow! Mum and Dad say they have a few surprise ideas for what I am going to do! I can't wait!!!

      Love always,

  3. ahh, beautiful photos. so superbly captured briony! i hope your birthday was enjoyable. i guess we don't get to be the same age for very long, our birthdays are so very close! :)
    this post makes me even more excited for spring and summer than i possibly can be!! thank you, friend <3


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