Aug 8, 2012


I don't really have many words to say here, just a jumble of photos strung together that tell a story. August is here, a totally cliche form of words that everybody seems to be using in each post they write. The month in which everybody seems to cheer with excitement if spring shows so much as her nose around the corner! By now, we are tired of the cold weather and frosty mornings, all we want is a good reason to wear tee-shirts and an even better reason to enjoy the sunshine without having to rug up in jackets and boots.

Lately, the days consist of picnics in the paddock, adventures and discoveries, art, making new friends and watching the Olympics! 

A few weeks ago, we discovered a gully far back from our land. The gully is dips inwards and is filled with prickly cactus, gum trees, old logs and the ground is rough and rocky. We explored this gully very carefully, watching out for snakes and goannas, until we discovered the path had been blocked by numerous trees that had fallen across one another in a criss-cross fashion! Funnily enough, the trees were off the ground, supported by a unexpected hill, so that the fallen trees created a roof. It looks just like a little room with fallen trees as the ceiling! We had discovered a cubby hole, completely hidden and just for us! How is that for adventure? 

Happy August! 

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  1. happy august too briony! yay, spring is starting to show it's season...august is so much better than june or juky methinks! :)


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