Aug 13, 2012

life lately.


Today, I made a 'get well soon' card for my Mum who is still recovering from the flu. Miss. L made a delicious batch of caramel biscuits for afternoon tea. I taught Miss. E.R. how to hop with the help of her newly favorite game, hop-scotch and I ate sliced orange with vanilla yogurt for lunch.

So, this is our Monday. No school, lazy and relaxed. I tried something a little different and wore a pair of fuschia pink jeans instead of my track pants. I did my hair up and to the side and I tried a new angle of photography.

I Love days like this. Days when many things seem slow and relaxed. When playing play-do with my little sister is not a chore and when I can venture outside with my camera, not saying a word and just enjoy capturing little, ordinary things just for the sake of it!  Days when the smell of spring mixed with that of chimney smoke seems to almost stifle me. Days when we have a few 'speed-bumps' to get over, but they are soon forgotten and forgiven.

 I think I like days like this best, because I know these are the ones I am going to remember the most...the days in which I was just myself.

Happy Monday!


  1. sounds like a pretty good monday to me! any special reason why you didn't do school?!
    lovely natural shot of you at the end there, look stunning, as always! :)

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    2. Mum is getting over the flu, we didn't do school because I had to take to care of the younger ones for a while.

      Thank you for those sweet words. ☺

  2. I love all the photos, you make our life seem wonderful Briony! Though it isn't always. :)
    I hope Mum gets better soon.

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  5. lovely photos. Monika.


thank you for just made my day!