Aug 17, 2012

just so.

Some days happen by themselves, when there are no exciting plans, no thoughts on what will commence in the hours between 6:00am and 6:00pm. Days when you wake up and it feels like a Saturday and the lazy, contented feeling you get from staying in bed. Days when you didn't plan to eat pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, but you did. Days when you didn't plan to play battleship against your brother, but you did. Days when you just sit in the sun, listening to the reckless rush of the wind.

"Look! This picture shows the snakes skeleton!" I cry. My little brother's eyes open wide, he points with enthusiasm toward the snakes long and fatal fangs. I try very hard to look as engrossed as he does, but secretly, I just want to skip ahead to less disgusting pages of the reptile book. I read out the part about how a snake swallows its prey whole, I watch a shudder pass through my little brother, then he smiles and shouts "COOL!" before I hastily turn the page.

I walk into Mr.C's bedroom, he is checking in his slow and careful way if he has remembered to pack his favorite tee-shirt. He looks up and sees me, I smile and say, "Have a great time buddy!" . "Yeah...thanks I will." He answers. I watch the beginnings of a smile play upon his lips, then he mumbles slowly, "I have never stayed in a hotel before!" . I laugh, his eyes light up, I can tell he is very excited! "Well, I hope you and Dad have a great time at the suncorp stadium!" 

This makes up my day. Just so.


  1. your blog! you take really good pictures(:

  2. Lovely photos, the pancake and berries one was my favourite!

  3. I love this ! It sounds wonderful.

    Anna x


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