Jul 31, 2012

the hum.

       The hum; the days that fold into weeks with the smiles, actions and frustrations that commence within      
       them. When each day is much the same and yet has it's very own adventure. The feeling of glee
       as you dig into the muddy, garden soil with bare fingers searching for the roots of a large weed. The
       way your nose tickles when you catch that last whiff of a bonfire. Watching your little brother's nose turn
       bright red from cold making his brown freckles stand out. The way the warmth seems to wrap its self
       around you as you step in from the wind outside. How the light streams in over the old, oak breakfast
      table each morning. How the steam rises in puffs from your bowl of porridge. The hoots and yells that
      fill the lounge room as we gather around the TV to watch the London Olympics. This is the hum or life,
      the way parts of my day come together. The normal and seemingly dull things, that when given a second
      look prove to be the most special!



  1. Just beautiful! The words and photos are just beautiful! Well done! Love ya sis,

  2. ahhh, this photography is making me crazy!!! it's SO DARN GOOD!!!! i love watching the olympic games too...my whole family crowds around the tv to watch all the time! :)

  3. Hey my friend Lauren from Jilla showed me your blog. Im also interested in photography and just started a new blog with my photography.

  4. I like this. The idea that everyday life is special. And calling it the hum makes it seem like music and makes me think that hum-drum has a new meaning to me.


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