Jul 12, 2012

lost photography.

Somehow in the midst of downloading, storing and editing, photographs tend to get lost. I don't just take the photographs that are displayed on my blog, often times my camera card is full, by that I mean at least 400 photographs at a time. I spend fifteen minuets perfecting one frame so that in the end I have twenty photos almost exactly alike! Call me extravagant if you will, but I don't just nibble on photography, I gobble it up!

So, to make this post a little more interesting I thought I might tell you each of these frames' stories.

Photograph #1 Has the typical 'photo shoot' story. Dying to try out this new lighting technique I persuaded my sister into sitting down on a sunny window ledge while I took some photos. The over-all result was beautiful and the photo above was the last one I took. It never did make it on to my blog at the time because I thought the shadows were a little to harsh. However, looking at it more closely now, the shadows seem to compliment the photograph and give it a mystical feel.

Photograph #2 Is very different. The day I took that it was horribly windy and I couldn't get the flower to stay still standing up. So instead, I laid the flower down and focused on the stem. The result was nice I think, especially with the purple in the background. (Photograph #6 was taken around the same time)

Photograph #3 has an interesting story. I had just baked a cake and I wanted to take some photos, so I went outside, adjusted the lighting meter on my camera and set my focus on the sugary top. I took a few shots like that but none of them ever made it here until now. I like this story because at the time, a giant black helicopter was flying very low over our house and I believe the pilot saw me taking photos of a cake. Slightly embarrassing!

Photograph #4 Reminds me of a cold, Saturday morning watching a brother's soccer game, however that is not the case at all. It was the afternoon and it was wet outside, so I amused myself by taking self portraits in my brothers' bedroom. I missed my mouth, rather cliche no? But still a pretty photograph.

Photograph #5 is of my Mother's old camera lens. I positioned it on a window ledge in our living room where the light was soft. I am not quite sure why it never made it here until now...that photograph truly is a forgotten frame.

Photography #6 Is very similar to photograph 2. Almost the same thing happened with the wind. I never posted it because I felt it was too cliche and everybody post pictures of flowers on their blogs.

Photograph #7 has the 'peaceful-rainy-day' feel to it, which funnily enough, is exactly what it is! Rain drops on a fence.


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  1. I love the last one. I always love raindrop pictures!


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