Jul 9, 2012

a collaboration

The past two weeks have been hectic, hilarious and nothing short of fun! My sister and I spent day after day singing, acting, and dancing almost non-stop as we were rehearsing for the 'Beauty and the Beast' holiday production. With a cast of over 100, the production itself was nothing short of amazing! It seriously was. Both shows went beautifully and we had people front, back and center cheering and enjoying every minute!

On Saturday, I woke up early and went to the Empire Theatre to get a mic on and run through the dress rehearsal. The matinee went beautifully, almost better than the evening performance! I said my lines with all the gusto in me (I am actually a 'bad guy' through out the production) and apart from getting my lines slightly mixed up during the evening performance (apparently it wasn't noticeable) I did pretty well. ☺

Today has been good. I am learning to wind down and do nothing, (which is very tricky after two weeks of doing everything!) and I spent some time with my family. I spent half the morning outside breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the company of Mr.E. and Miss.E.R. They showed me tricks on the trampoline (this includes rolling on ones' back and seeing who can jump the highest) they showed me how good they have become at tree-climbing and over-all they showed me that the outcome of our day is up to us, we can chose to live in the moment and be joyous no matter what the circumstances, or we can spend two much time indoors and without the company of a three and six year old!

As I walking down the road today with both hands holding firmly to Miss.E.R's pram and listening to the boys' conversation regarding LEGO I thought to myself: "Today is good. I am really blessed." 



  1. Hooray!! I'm so glad that your performance went well and I wish that I was there to cheer you on and shout 'encore!' along with the rest of the audience!! Lovely photos, as always - wow, Miss E.R. and Mr.E are both growing up as fast as sprouts!! Hugs and kisses to you all - although perhaps Mr.E would prefer a high five instead!!


    1. I wish you could have been there too, Chloe!

      p.s Actually, I don't think Mr.E. would mind a kiss. ☺

  2. congratulations on the beauty and the beast performance briony! i would have so gone to it, but we were away in brisbane at a medieval festival!
    i'm so glad you were able to spend time with your younger siblings...it's so important!! :)

  3. Glad you had fun during the production and went really good!!!
    :):):) That's a very big cast!
    I know what you mean about being blessed...

  4. I love the photos! B & B was sooooooooo much fun wasn't it!? I can't wait until next year!! :)

  5. These are beautiful! I love the 4th shot :)

  6. Glad your performance went so well! :) Love your photos!


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