Jul 18, 2012


My head was in a daze, and my thoughts slightly fuzzy, I took a deep breath tried again. This time, the photo
was perfect. The afternoon sun spread over the world like a blanket and the sound of silence was deafning.

Alone with my camera, my thoughts and the world around me, I let go of the day and my mistakes.

As the last hours of the day slowly slipped by, the only sound that reached my ears was the fast and unchanged click of my camera shutter. 

The clouds changed their forms', the sun sank lower and still I didn't go back inside. I wrapped my coat tightly around me and sat on a log, alone with my thoughts. My hands rested in my lap, my 
camera swung from it's  strap around my neck and a blast of icy wind swept up from the lake hit me
full in the face!
   Alone was all I needed to be. Alone to breath deep, relax and recharge. I sat on that log watching the sky
   turn black until my breath rose in a white mist around me and my fingers began to
   ache. I sat there even as the stars began to appear. Then, a call came from the house and my time was



  1. Beautiful! You have such a talent! Your words and photography are so gorgeous. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures, Briony! It's good to be alone sometimes, to think thoughts through. :)

  3. lovely photos !
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Oh it's Juno


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