Jun 19, 2012

the weekend.

    Saturday was spent enjoying some 'daddy time' at the park with a box of hot chips, coke and fruit juice.
    It's great having some quality  time with your Dad, even it is as simple as laughing over a lunch of hot chips
     and a game of handball later.

                We went walking through the park, discovered a hidden creek with a waterfall, a few
                 secluded hollows, and that when running down a hill racing each other chances are, someone
                will fall!

                It is hours like these, I tend to take for granted. It hardly ever occurs to me that one day
                things will change, that life will suddenly take a nose-dive straight down and that things will
                never be the same again. That is why I make an effort to try and enjoy my family and my life
                the way it is now, that way I can be better prepared for the future knowing that I didn't waste
               the past.


  1. yes, us children enjoyed 'daddy' time (when we weren't busy doing performances!) on the weekend watching movies and making yummy stuff and it was great. yes, we, no i, need to appreciate every little simple detail of my life, as it's not going to stay the same for ever!
    beautiful photography by the way! but i don't need to tell you that :P

  2. yes! I often take good times for granted and I need to stop and be grateful for them. lovely post!


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