Jun 13, 2012

tea break

The state in Australia where I come from, tea breaks are hardly unpopular! Even in the middle of summer, my father will make himself a pipping hot cup o' tea which often accompanied by a biscuit or if that doesn't suit, a slice of Vegemite toast. Strange food groups maybe, but who doesn't need a little comfort food every now and then?

Tea breaks have a way of making you feel nice inside. I could use a more sophisticated word to describe that feeling, but I think that this word will suffice.

And that reminds me, there are some delicious homemade pumpkin pastries in the fridge, so I might boil the kettle and enjoy yet another tea break!



  1. Vegemite toast and a cup of tea don't sound that delicious together. But, who cares where Australians!! :)

    Nice photos Briony!

  2. oh, i absolutely LOVE tea breaks! without them, i'd be nowhere! and who cares if we have vegemite toast and tea...i like it! but i much prefer a biscuit or slice : D


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