Jun 23, 2012

snippets of winter.

         I love each season and what they bring, which is all the more reason for me to sum up what I love about winter. 

           Hot tea, bonfires, apple cake, books, tree climbing, the fog and the mist on a Monday morning

    Taking walks at sunset, bitter wind, red noses, homemade mochas and the general feeling of warmth when 
    I come inside from the cold, and I'm greeted by the smell of dinner roasting in the slow cooker. 

       The freedom to bake chocolate goodies for a late dessert, and drinking the occasional chai latte, while
       watching season two of Downton Abbey, (oh, I am seriously addicted to that show!) 
       I am also enjoying staying in my pajamas until lunch time on the weekends. Oh! Don't you love the 
       winter holidays?

      So, on that score I can heartily say: "Let winter commence!" 



  1. you always seem to draw good things out of things that aren't always nice...i dislike winter heartily, but this has helped me to appreciate it a bit and not have such a negative attitude about it! :) i LOVE how you've captured the milk being poured into the tea, just beautiful.
    oh, and did you get my email?

  2. Lovely. Mmmmmm....that toffee cake looks divine!
    I love winter too, I think the chill and coldness of it has it's own little and spark and happiness to it!! :)

  3. Mm, I'll be experiencing my first "real" winter (with snow and coats!) this year. Cannot wait. :D

  4. I love Winter, the way you described it made me love it even more, and the Toffee Cake? You're killing me, that looks amazing! I just found your blog, its lovely.

  5. I was really, really amazed at your photos in this post - I LOVE the look of that toffee cake!! Yummy! and I love the way how you summed up winter, it's everything that it's surposed to be - steaming mug of tea, frosty mornings, thick fog...and Downton Abby!! (LOVE that show!)

  6. Hey Briony!

    Check out Jessica Lim at Vintage Pie . Right up your ally ;).

    Annie xo


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