Jun 14, 2012

learning and growing

(It may interest you to know that all the photographs above, have in fact not been edited other then to lighten a dark corner or brighten a patch of sunlight! The one directly above of my lens cap has not been edited at all.)

Photography has and is always a learning experience for me. I am growing and developing my photographic skills each time I hit the shutter button. I have noticed that lately, when I look at our kitchen clock, I am writing down a mental note in my brain about the lighting in and outside at that particular moment. I have never done that before, but the reason I am beginning to do that is because I know and understand how much light can effect a photograph.

I have been using this technique quite often lately, hence the slightly quirky yet beautiful photographs you see above.

I have always emphasized the fact that when blogging, you have got to be original and as you have probably guessed  by looking at the above photographs, I have been using originality as foundation for my photography methods.

If you think that you can never get any better with your photography, I encourage you to think outside of the box. Try something different and see if it works. It is a learning a growing experience, and with the will and determination, you will go far.



  1. wow, these are so good! and not edited? amazing.

    1. Thanks so much Holly!

    2. you're welcome, dear :)

  2. I love these pics! And I wanted to thank you for your comment on my story that I posted on my blog. That meant so much to me and it made my day. :)



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