May 1, 2012


Painting with shadows can sometimes be a lucky accident. The word 'photography' actually means "painting with light." However, sometimes I find that many photographs actually tell an even deeper story when there are shadows involved. The dark circles underneath her eyes, or the darkness on one side of his face, the shadows playing in her hair, or the dark dimple in his chin. Even the slightest shadow can show us the character's personality. Let your photographs tell a story naturally. Don't just use light, use shadows too. Our job as photographers is to show the world something that not even a million words could portray. Something totally unique.


  1. oh, just beautiful. i love it when you do something amazing with the camera unintentionally! : )

  2. such pretty photos! I feel so proud to have such handsome brothers! :) (and such an inspiring photographer of a sister!) ;)

  3. Beautiful! Hm, "Painting with light." Never knew that, but I'm glad I do now =)


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