May 17, 2012

I like // may

This post is a little collaboration, an entry into my online journal full of random photos that each hold their very own little story.

Lately, I find that even the most ordinary photographs I shoot, each hold an aspect that I love. The way the sun is shining on a particular leaf, or how small her feet look dangling from a swing. All so ordinary, yet completely unique that deserve to be captured.

So, to kick off with my new monthly "I Like" list, we will begin with...

lemon cake // hazel eyed sisters // pine trees // sunsets // little toes // hot coffee // good books // socks // rain // new desks // 'hernando's hideaway' song // IKEA // scrapbook journals // diary // pumpkin soup //

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. beautiful post!
    the end

  2. love that second to last photo, the sunset. gorgeous! and ooh, lemon cake? yum!

  3. pretty pictures! Happy month of May!

  4. I love the pics!! :)


  5. Pretty pictures! :)
    That son gets stuck in my head! :P But I like it.
    I awarded youbat my blog! :)


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