Apr 6, 2012


Stillness. Living in the country, this is a HUGE element. The sweet calling of birds, the gentle whinny of a horse, the warm vapor from a cup o' tea. It all combines to create a word that conjures up a sense of contentment: Stillness.

It is good Friday, it is a warm Autumn day and life just can not get any better then this! I would not say things are entirely peaceful, but they are us which is exactly the way I prefer things to be. I can breath now that my blog design is complete,  I can enjoy being able to still wear summer clothing and I can let my photographs embrace stillness. 

A photo speaks a thousand words. I'll let you translate.

Happy Easter all!


  1. I absolutely adore your new blog make-over!!
    It is so YOU!!

  2. oooh, those photos are sooooooo amazing, bri!!!! i ♥ good fridays. mum made hot cross buns this afternoon and we watched a movie.
    p.s. your new blog design? um, can it get any better than that???!!! NO, bravo to you, briony!

    1. Cheers Holly! I am so glad you like it! What do you think of my new 'about' photo??

    2. it's one of my favourites of you! really, really nice! :)

  3. Happy Easter!
    What are yall doing on easter?

  4. Love your new blog design - and your profile picture is beautiful.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Anonymous8.4.12

    I LOOOVED your new layout!! :) Beautiful pictures! Oh, the stillness... Love it. Happy Easter dear!

  6. Happy Easter to you too! I love that second picture, by the way! So pretty!

  7. Hi Brioney

    Are you having fun with different designs today? Just this morning I saw a new design, and now it's gone with a new one in it's place.

    Sorry, I am being a stickybeak, I really don't mind at all.

    Love the photo's (especially the horsey one) and I can't wait to see you at Co - Op again, the break has been so long.

    Hope you had a Happy Easter ( :

    Glad you like living in the country. You place sounds gorgeous.



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