Apr 27, 2012


I have been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about my future. 

As I am sitting down to type this, I am wondering where this post will lead me, because it is not often that I have the courage to share my heart in cyber-space. 

It has taken me forty-five minutes to actually begin the wording of this post. I have been picking and editing photograph after photograph trying to decide what I want. I ended up with these two, they are not my best, nor are they the prettiest I have shot but they seem to portray the message I am trying to get across. 

       As winter is setting in, I have been thinking about how many others out there have no scarves, no jumpers and no warm hands to hold. How many children out there have no mother or father. Nothing. Just a void, empty sea of misfortune. It seems to stir up some kind of fire in my heart when I think about how blessed I am, and yet how hurt the rest of the world is.

Last week, I asked someone how to make my blog better. I told this person that I felt my blog lacked in good wording and great photography. The person's reply to this was, "I'm not you. I could give you advice on directions you could go with you blog...but that would be my opinion, not yours. And since it's your blog and not mine, I'm in no position to tell you what to write, as I think it should reflect you wholly and completely. Just examine yourself deeply--what inspires you? What do you want your blog to reflect?--and go from there."

So I did.

What inspires me? Well, here are just a few things straight from my heart.

God // people // photography // feelings // courage // pluck // thoughts // ideas // actions // family // others

The main one of theses is OTHERS.

I want my blog to reflect me, my thoughts, my ideas and my aspirations. Right now I am aspiring to help the ones out there who are completely lost and this can be as simple as praying. Who knows? Maybe my future will take me to these "others" in need. ☺


  1. wow, those two photos are amazing! did you sort of merge two together?!
    wow, briony, you are SO inspiring...thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts with us all! : )

  2. your such a talented photographer and writer! i love double exposure photos but i can never get them right haha:) x


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