Apr 14, 2012

moments like these.

The moments that truly shine are the ones we take the time to notice. As a photographer, my eyes are trained to see these little areas in life. It is a gift that is always developing and you don't have to be a photographer or an artist to have it. It is something you choose to do each morning and carry through out your day.

Little ballerinas, chimney sweep grass, fresh plants, fiery sunsets, pine trees and hundreds more are the moments that I am choosing to embrace. They may seem too natural to you, something you see everyday, but I believe that they are not going to be there forever. We need to enjoy them while we can! Let the moment live in you forever, even after they are gone.



  1. Lovely photos! The first one is perfect. :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Miss E.R. is loving wearing those old ballet shoes of mine isn't she?! Congrats on getting your own camera!!!!!

  3. and beautiful moments they are!
    oh, life is so beautiful sometimes...your photographs are exquisite!


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