Apr 12, 2012


Autumn weather has always agreed with me. There is something about the season that gives you a feeling of excitement as the leaves turn golden, the air turns crisp and the black night sky is dotted with sharp, cold stars.

Autumn is the kind of season that embraces the meaning of the word 'enjoy'. This is a season I feel comfortable in. One were I can sit back and enjoy the view. It is not too warm, it's not too cold, it's perfect!
Life is fun in Autumn.

However, yesterday, my head was spinning and my eyes felt square. Going over-time on the computer has a sneaky way of creeping up on you. Nasty. When I closed my eyes blog designs and favourite photographs from pinterest swam in front of me! I needed to breath, so I went outside and played a game of handball with Mr.C and Miss.L. After it was over, I felt a lot more refreshed. So this is the reason why, (if you are curious) that I am no longer composing long posts full of rambles. I have chosen to use my time wisely.

How about you go outside and play handball, go for a run, pick some flowers, have a tea party with your sister or anything that will help you to breath! It works.

 How are you enjoying your seasonal weather?

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  1. Oh, I just love this horse photography!!!

  2. Yes, sometimes we just need to go outside and play hand ball with siblings or have a tea party with sisters : )

  3. Tea parties with you, Briony, always give me pleasure.

    1. Yes, and your cucumber and cheese bites were delicious!


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