Apr 19, 2012

Autumn breeze.

Autumn breeze. Yes, life these days does feel like a cold, crisp breeze. Something new and exciting!

The main reason for this feeling of excitement is because I have a new camera! Goodbye little point-and-shoot and hello new DSLR Canon rebel XTi! It is a blessing really, because you see, I was given this camera by a family member who is into photography, and loves to see young photographers like me go one step further with their talents! Yes, I was pretty shocked when Scott handed me a golden shoe box (which was very heavy) and said he had brought me a present. Two lenses and all the accessories to go! God loves me, I think. ☺

A change in the air and the weather is sending shivers down my spine! I love this season. On days when the sun sparkles and shines, I like to spend hours photographing all the unnoticeable things and make them extraordinary, and on days when the clouds hang low and rain continues to fall, I like to snuggle up with a cup o' tea, a tim-tam and a good book.

I took a long walk with my younger brothers and sisters yesterday. Miss E.R chatted away and did not seem to draw a breath between one sentence and the next! I walked along,  holding her little hand and listening in silence to the sound of her high-pitched voice. It is good to be quiet and listen sometimes. Such moments need to be treasured, I think. Sometimes, I wish I could catch the Autumn breeze in a bottle and all the memories to go with it, then I could keep it with me always.


  1. Oh, your writing is absolutely spellbounding! I loved every second I read of it!
    That's so exciting you have a new camera! Yes, God loves you dearly, Bri. :)
    Lovely seeing you today.

  2. Congratulations on your new camera! Those pictures look great. :)

    ~ Abby

  3. Nice Camera, Bri!

  4. Briony, what a beautiful corner to stumble upon! You have an eye to catch the every day pieces of joy we all have, which is a gift. Greetings from Mexico! From one photographer to another : )

    DoublClik Photo Blog


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