Mar 19, 2012

our place.

Last week, my family and I closed up shop in one suburb, and moved to another. We left the hemmed in feel of our old place, and opened our eyes to endless sweeping plains, a next-door dam, and a trio of horses at our back fence. 

Our place felt very much like home the first night. Despite the unpacked boxes and endless clutter, this place seems to have an overwhelming sense of peace to it. Maybe it is because of the beautiful view, the way the willow trees swish softly in the wind, or perhaps it is because of how the sun mellows into a deep red hue in the evening and dances in the shadows, I don't know, but something about this place gives you a feeling of contentment that you want to savor. 

Two mornings ago, the weather was only just warm enough for me to enjoy my hot porridge outside. I tip-toed outside in my pjs and sat myself down on a rock over-looking the dam. Storm, the chestnut stock horse came to join me. I tickled his ears and he nuzzled my hand in search of sugar. Can life get any better then this? I mean, wow! 

Life has changed, but hey! I am learning to embrace change. All seems perfect. We are in our own place, we live with three horses in our paddock and a bright future living country lifestyle awaits us. 

-Katie, xoxo


  1. Sounds like a great start. :) Greeting a horse in the morning, while eating something hot is like one of the best feelings in the world!

  2. Woohoo!! Hooray, you have finally moved in to your new house!! I'm so happy for you, it must be great to have horses so close by, they really add to the 'country feeling'!! I hope that you share lots of warm memories in your new house, it must be so exciting to have a place to call your own!

  3. Beautiful! Such a lovely way to start the morning in the fresh air, eating warm porridge, and having a horse nuzzle your hand. The house does have a sort of Peace about it. It feels like home.

  4. That second picture is wonderful! Love looking through your photos!


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