Mar 11, 2012

a collaboration

Admits the heavy stress of moving, life continues to pop in the little areas. The hours in a day when I am feeling sorry for myself, I do not notice the small prayers that I have prayed  have been answered. Each day, I unconsciously send little prayers up to Jesus without even realizing I am doing it! I ask for inspiration, sunny days, freedom from stress, laughter here and there and they are all answered. It takes some time to realize it, but God is always listening, he will even answer our "not" prayers.

Four more days until we move house! Heck!! It is mind boggling to think about how much life has changed in the last month. Life seems to feel utterly consumed with packing, cleaning, painting and work in general. To sit down and relax feels strange. The thought of *being normal* once we are completely settled is a far off thought.

Despite all the confusement and work, we still have our laughs, our smiles and most of all...each other. Life is a mixture of excitement and frazzle but these are the times I am going to remember most!

We do not remember days; we remember moments.  ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


  1. beautiful pictuez! i followed your blog by the way <3 do you think you could give me some tips on mine? i would love for it to be as good as yours one day <3 x

  2. but when you move and get back to normal, it'll be great : )
    hope the moving goes well and i'm glad god's answering your prayers. he's definitely a father who hears and answers : )

  3. Dear Beautiful,
    Hello there, I hope that the moving house is going smoothly, with no big dramas! Your photos are just amazing and I love the message in your post! I'm so glad that God is hearing your prayers, it's great hear how he works miracles - even the smaller ones - in other peopele's lives.
    Missing you all tons,


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