Mar 30, 2012


The crispness of autumn fills the air. The days are shorter, and the wind is stronger. The sun is ice trying to melt and more cuppas are consumed daily.

The word home is now a word that feels me with awe. I have never really understood it's true meaning. The place were you live? A house? No. Home is the place where one can be oneself, where one can pull into the drive way and instantly know that they are welcome. Home is not a place, it is an emotion. And these crisp autumn days are the ones where the word home fits in perfectly!

Autumn is the season when the world awakens to family and laughter. On it's quiet outer shell, Autumn seems an aloof and distant season when the world is preparing for colder days, but I know that on the inside, Autumn is a season that embraces words such as:

Home // Family // Laughter // Beautiful // Crisp // Share // Happy // Embrace // Sleepy // Content // 

Don't you agree?


  1. You are always doing such touching and beautiful entries Katie! Keep up the wonderful work! Your photography is stunning!! :)
    With hugs and kisses,

  2. i love the pictures, and I agree with you Autumn is such a nice homey month which I love. I almost wish it were Autumn here, but I love spring also. I love your pictures! :)


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